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23HPS Fish Box?


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I have two coolers. The smaller one in front of the console is for drinks and food. I have a larger cooler under the leaning post for fish. I put four 1/2 gal. frozen bottles and they do just fine.

When I first got my 23hps, I used the rear right compartment as a fish box (it's insulated). It was set up as a second live-well, but the center live-well is all I need. The problem with using that compartment was that it was just too hard to clean. Always smelled, and a pain in the azz to keep clean.

I also changed out the front cooler for a smaller cooler. I don't need the extra seating and what a difference it made in the walking room when walking between the cooler and rod lockers.

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19 hours ago, Bill Ragon said:

What size cooler did you go to

Can't say right now. I'm home in Orlando and the boat is hanging on the lift in Englewood. Going down this Wednesday and will get the info. I can say that the new cooler is about 6"  narrower than the console. Plenty big for one adult or two small kids. It's an Igloo and I had a cushion made to match the existing upholstery.  

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I use the port side bait well.  Big enough for a large king or a 40 lb striped bass.

I take my hose and rinse out in my driveway, and then keep the hatch open for a couple hours to dry out.

The cooler under the leaning post is a pain to put fish in and a pain to clean.  I use it to keep a bucket in and dry storage.

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