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1984 Hewes Stalker


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I just purchasted a 1984 Hewes. Stalker. Looks like it may be one of the 14 or so made. Newer motor and push pole added a few years back. Purchased from the family who were at the plant when laid up. Original everything with no rot. This could be the only one like it left. Would welcome any additional information. If a dealer wants this, please let me know before I start to modify the boat.



1 Hewes.jpg

2 Tag.jpg

3 ID Tag.jpg

4 S bow.jpg

5 S mid.jpg

6 Wheel.jpg

7 P Bow inside.jpg

8 P stern.jpg

9 S Bow Inside.jpg

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I have a 1983 Hughes stocker with the original 90 horse mercury engine on it that does run needs O-rings and such for the fuel supply other than that it does crank up. Looking to restore it one day it’s been under tarps for years and years. From what I understand I’m the third owner of this boat. The original owner was my best friends brother-in-law in Islamorada, was given to him by Hewes for a tarpon tournament. I like what I say you’re doing to yours. 

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Would love to see more pics of the outside of the hull, transom, and running surface.  I fished with the late great Capt. John Emery, aboard his new 17' Stalker with a 90 Yamaha, in 1986.  Great memories of those days, down in Islamorada, and an awesome skiff!

I don't remember John's Stalker hull having lapstrake sides though.  Maybe Hewes sold the molds and they were modified?  Or a different model all together?

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