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Trailer advice for 2004 redfisher


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Hey Guys. Shopping for a new trailer for my 16 redfisher. Ive called ameritrail and ezloader so far and looking at over a 1000 dollar price diff. Trying to keep it south of 3k for a decent aluminum trailer with Torsen axle and swing tongue. Any advice appreciated.

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I went through the same thing about 1 year ago...I have an original 1995 ezloader....

I went local and had a trailer shop just put on a new axle and some centering bunks for $1200....this will keep me good for about another year or so and I'll be changing out.

Top: Ameratrail

2nd: Rolls / Continental 

3rd Ezloader.


This is only my opinion.....my next trailer will either be a Ameritrail or Contintental........

Just personal preference....





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