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My '94 Maverick "Foo Wild"


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Here's my 94 Maverick...don't even know what kind of Mav it is since the previous owner had no clue either. The 130 Yamaha(1996) had a brand new power head with less that 30 hours and two SS props. The back rest was also already installed but not sure if it came that way from the factory or if the previous owner put it on after. My only real issue is the frightening bird nest of wires under the console...yikes! Hopefully, now that we a re settled into our new house in Sarasota, I can find someone in the area who can get her guts and body (many deep dings from too many beach run-ins)back in shape. Last pic is a little sneaky snook that kept stealing my live shrimp in my new trout hole..

[image]http://www.maverickboats.com/fbbuploads/thumb_1194580067-94mav1a.jpg[/image] [image]http://www.maverickboats.com/fbbuploads/thumb_1194580110-94mav2a.jpg[/image] [image]http://www.maverickboats.com/fbbuploads/thumb_1194580128-heresnookysnooky.jpg[/image]




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thanks for the welcome and the info. I've been a lurker on the forum for a few years now and everyone seems genuine and as much a fish o' holic as I am so I hope I can contribute when needed. I worked at Half Hitch Tackle in Panama City and Destin for five years and worked our booth at pretty much all the Frank Sergeant Expos and Florida Sportsman Shows so if anyone has any questions about tackle, rigging etc especially for inshore/near shore stuff...just let me know!

and yeah...the side console is extra nice esp since it's not attached leaving the gunwales free to walk around. Probably saved me a broken ankle or two when landing a few of Destin's infamous cobia "logs" when they were still too green in order to get 'em away from the sharks! Just jumped up on the deck and let em flail while calling the sharks some interesting names...

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anyone know why I can't post in main forums? the legend says I have permission yet I get an error saying I don't have permission to post in this section...

Nice skiff and welcome. :thumbup: I think that would be my choice for a mate to the mother ship.Heard great things about them.By the way if you don't have a PF 20V no posting allow. ;):o:)

Looking forward to your reports (somehow). :)

Tight lines

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