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When Reds Are Crabby...


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... give them Chernobyl Crabs.

  • [li]Hook: Mustad 34007 size 4, open up the hook gap just a little**[/li][li]Thread: Flymaster Plus - Goldenrod[/li][li]Finn Raccoon in Hot Orange[/li][li]Bright Yellow Marabou[/li][li]Olive Midge Flash[/li][li]Claws: Two matched hackles[/li][li]Body: Olive Deer Hair[/li][li]Body: One large webby hackle[/li][li]Lead Dumbell Eyes[/li][li]20 lb. Hard Mason Weedguard[/li]

Clip a small bunch of Finn Raccoon and pull out the long silky hairs, leaving only the orange fluffy fur.


Tie in a pinch of yellow marabou, then about 4 strands of the crystal flash.


Select a matching pair of hackles for the claws.


Tie in the hackles splayed.


Turn the hook up in the vise and tie in a small clump of olive deer hair. Flare it, but do not spin it.

Top view:


Bottom view:


Tie on your long webby hackle.


Tie in another larger clump of olive deer hair and spin it.


Tie in the dumbbell eyes.


Whip finish and remove fly from vise for trimming. Trim the deer hair flat on the bottom, angled on the sides and flat on top while leaving most of the flared deer hair from the original clump intact. Take care not to accidentally cut off the long webby hackle you previously tied in. It should look more or less like this:


Put the fly back in the vise and reattach the thread. Palmer the long webby hackle through the trimmed deer hair, slowly working it through the deer hair.


Trim the bottom flat again. Tie in your weed guard, whip finish and finish with a drop of glue.



I also make a variation with natural deer hair, tan thread and grizzly hackles for the claws (the ones I tied for the Fly Swap). The redfish like them either way. :)



** The reason for opening up the gap on the hook a little is so when the redfish bite, they get hooked. I learned this by trial and error. ;)

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Squid practice with small pencil sized clumps of Hair hold them between your thumb and pointer fingers and hold down on top of your hook and make a few loose wraps then pull tight while still holding till it doesn't want to spin around the hook. The hair towards the hook bend should be straight back and the Hair toward the eye should Flare out. Then make a few more wraps to lock it all in and there you have it ;)

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