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Blackwater Shrimp


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Meant for dark bottom, dirty water or low light conditions.

Hook: #2 Tiemco 811S

Tie in a clump of tan craft fur, then 4 strands of chartreuse crystal flash, then a strip of golden olive estaz. Wind the estaz forward.


Select a large mottled hackle.


Palmer the hackle forward.


Tie in another strip of golden olive estaz, then tie in medium sized black bead chain eyes.


Wind the estaz forward and figure eight it around the beadchain eyes.


Tie in your weedguard, remove from vise and use a dark brown permanent marker to add stripes to the tail.


You can also leave off the beadchain eyes for more of a floating shrimp effect that will ride hook down.

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Don't let her fool you, that's Claire's hit'n the town gown in the back ground! Or Als! :)

*** Claire, you are too organized! I have all my stuff dumped in one big tupperware.

wait until you've accumulated hair and feathers from everything living and not living... I had to buy a new drawer to keep all my stuff!!

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Here is a pattern that I have worked on based on your recipe above. Slightly different though. I have one very specific spot that this little shrimp is getting ready to go into.

Let me know what you think.



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