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Maximum Outboards Pompano - Is There Anyone More Honest or Better?


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I had heard John was a legend.  I got to meet him on Tuesday. Dropped the skiff for an oil pump lever connector that was plastic and broke - go figure after 24 years :)

I told john do a look over and let me know....

I picked up the skiff today..... WOW !!!

The bill fo $80 and that included him replacing the part, adjusting the lever, and he cleaned the engine to be sure there was not any oil leaking.

He said he only charged me the the labor he performed....

I got the boat back, perfectly cleaned and on time.

He could have charged me for 1.5 hours labor, etc. and I would not have know....

To Anyone in FLL, Miami, and North....he is worth the drive...... I had always been given great recommendations on his work....

I am happy to say all the "Props" are true...and i know where I'll be heading back to when it comes time to service the skiff on things I don't do myself.


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Yes I concur I’m so glad Paul Conocean recommended him to me. He did a great job and a class act. I was sweating it there for a bit when I lost my master mechanic Kevin Mason and then I lost my back up mechanic at boat center when they closed down.  John is my go to guy from now on.

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On 1/12/2020 at 12:20 PM, MuddyBottomBluz said:

I'm lucky, married into a family with a master outboard mechanic for a brother-in-law, been at it for over 40 years!

I told my best friend, if you are going to buy a boat you must be one of two things, 1. mechanically inclined....big time, or 2. have lots of money to pay mechanics!!! I never thought about having an in-law mechanic as an option!!! :) In any case he was in the  lots of money category, changing spark plugs whipped his rear!! 

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