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Hewes Redfisher Fuel tanks


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Looking for information on RF fuel tanks, both material of construction and location by model year.  I checked out the Hewes information page but none of the owners manuals will open for me.

1. In what year did Hewes move the fuel tank to the front for weight distribution?

2. Are all of the fuel tanks made of Aluminum?  If not, what year did they make that switch and what is the new material?

For what its worth, I am trying to learn more about a 2006 RF 18' to prepare to have a pre-sale marine survey done.

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4 hours ago, mulligan said:

 i think the tanks got moved up when the deck layout changed.

Which was in 20**???  I vaguely remember hearing something about 2013 being the year Hewes moved the fuel tank to the front for better weight distribution, but my memory is not so good any more so I was hoping one of the Hewes experts on here would know the answer.  And if Hewes ever started using Poly tanks or have they always used aluminum?

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37 minutes ago, MuddyBottomBluz said:

 The fuel tanks have always been up front. Now if you want to know what year they went from above deck to below deck is a different?

Ok if they have always been in front, then what I am interested in is the above vs below deck placement as this makes a big difference in the cost to repair/replace the tank right?  Assuming the below deck placement is much more complicated to fix and therefore more expensive, when did they change the tank to an above deck placement?

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