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Towing Question


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My buddy bought a VW Atlas .

Was told it could tow 5500 lbs .

He has a 20’ Pathfinder .

Towing puts such a stress on the motor , it takes over two tanks of gas , to do a trip to Naples .

And the tires spin like crazy everytime he retrieves the boat .

He is very sad he bought that vehicle .

IMHO front wheel drive is a no go for tow .


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Keep in mind all tow ratings are getting pretty out of hand lately (in my opinion) and have become the major marketing platform of any vehicle not a passenger car. Other than Toyota Tundras which can tow the space shuttle of course. For instance new 1/2 ton trucks are rated to tow 14K lbs while my 2005 3/4 ton Duramax is rated tow 12K. I know advancements in technology continue but the earth is still the same distance from the sun so I’m not sure exactly what changed as far as gravity and physics. I tow a Contender 32ST fairly often with my truck and I assure you it’s not something I’d wanna do with a 1/2 ton truck. 

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I have been towing my boats/toys for years with VW Touaregs and now with an Audi Q7 3.0T.  Both are very competent tow vehicles.  Currently have a 2500 Hybrid and the Q7 handles it as good as anything out there for a mid-size vehicle.  Last year on my annual Keys trip, we took friends GMC 1500 instead of my vehicle.  I felt that Q7 performed better across the board and felt much safer in the Audi...  I'm sure there are many out there who would not think that this thing could outperform a truck, but I i can tell you from experience that it did hands down.... Air Suspension makes expansion joints and road bumps almost non existent.  Barely even feel it back there at speed on the highway.  Brakes very impressive too. Vehicle rated at 7,700 lb towing capacity with factory hitch.  Would highly recommend checking one out.  Fuel economy defiantly takes a hit.  From about 20mpg average to under 14 when towing.  But pretty much everything is going to take a hit when towing. Definitely a vehicle to consider....

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Don’t know anything about the RF 16 or that Cadillac but I towed my 18 HB with a front wheel drive Pathfinder and didn’t even know it was back there. No slip at the ramp either. Still use it to tow my 22. So RWD or AWD is preferable but not sure FWD is the devil or anything. Especially on such a small boat. 

What I do know is I got Cadillac to take back my moms STX suv under lemon law. What a POS.  


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