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another Power Pole / JL Marine customer service story

jason p

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My stbd. PowerPole was acting up and finally stuck down yesterday while catching bait so I figured I'd give PowerPole a shout since I was in cell range. Todd at tech support/warranty answered and told me to swap the circuit boards (for those who don't know, like me 'til yesterday, no tools required to do this) get the stbd. pole up and call when you get home. Continued my day and called Todd back when I got home and gave him the serial number off the affected pump... 45 minutes later had an email from Todd with a FedEx tracking # for the new circuit board and a RMA # to send the old board back to them in the box the new board comes in.

For any "industry folks" that may stumble upon this, this is the way to do business. Especially in this "niche industry' that is a total luxury for 99% of their customers. Customers usually with very limited days they can actually utilize all this crazy expensive equipment., being down for 2-3 weeks while shipping parts back and forth, processing, testing, etc... for components consisting of 5-10% of the purchase price of the affected part or assembly is totally unacceptable.


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2 hours ago, whichwaysup said:

I have a buddy whonis pushing me hard to get a Talon, but it is the consistent stories like this that have me firmly locked in on powerpole.   Just forcing myself to wait one full year from the major repair to make sure she is as solid as we think.


I was in the same boat (get it😂) when switching over to the bay barge and a buddy who’s affiliated with Minn Kota was pushing hard and offering a pretty sweet deal to me trying to get more talons on the water down here but the PP customer service stories on this very forum persuaded me. MinnKota has adopted the standard party line of “take it to the dealer” (or service center in their case) as the rest of the industry, that’s been my experience anyway when I’ve had trolling motor issues. 

Talons seem to be like E-Tecs... the only people that have, get them at a huge discount or for free. 

By the way this just came in the mail, 22 hours after the initial phone call...


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