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Sea Star Hydraulic hose replacement


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I'm looking to replace the hydraulic hoses on my 2006 Pathfinder TE due to some chaffing.

It's hard to measure the exact length of the existing hoses while installed. I would appreciate any feed back regarding the appropriate length, as I'm sure some other members must have replaced steering hoses in the past.

Looking forward to feedback from the forum.



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No responses?  I did a replacement on a Grady some yrs back with the same issue. I followed the general path with a tape measure and added an extra foot.  I was able to go online a purchase quality lines at a reasonable price (and I had. No local option at the time). You can hook the old to new and pull through. I had a runner line already in place and used it, but there were some places were it required a helpful hand to pull back when the line was hung up and slowly moving back and forth I was able to make it through.  If your boat will be down for sometime, you can also disconnect one, tie a runner line to it and pull it through - measure and purchase for replacement.  

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