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Quality Boat Cover 2200 TRS


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2 hours ago, Ryanb1284 said:

Good morning all

Looking for a custom fit boat cover for a 2018 2200 TRS ..... no T top or tower of any kind. Does have a 250 SHO if that makes a difference. Or could someone send me some info on who manufactures a quality cover? Thanks in advance



I have had 5 Boats, four with custom covers I had mad local. This last one I have came with a order online cover. I will say this for 25% of the cost it is 5 years old and still works and looks good. I don't think I could spend that type of coin again on a cover if there no reason to be custom made like yours sounds. Yes, it is not as tight fitting but I just sand bag it anyhow and easy on and off. With that being said I'm working on putting a T-Top on so will have to go custom. 

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I order from Coversdirect.com.  They carry three manufacturers. I have bought two Shoretex  covers from them and both fit perfect and last better than five years. The only reason I replaced the first one was it was black and I wanted tan (taupe) to cut down on the heat. I gave the black one to a friend and he is still using it. No T Top or tower and I have a separate Cover for my SHO. Just google yamaha engine cover, there are several that will fit the SHO and even one made just for the SHO.

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I kind of like the custom cover idea.  Down to the waterline, snug fit, easy on-easy off and with a solar powered exhaust fan to help it stay cooler under that dark cover. IMG_2232.thumb.jpg.b26ce0d08d6367f9835fb87b67bd0dba.jpg

That is your Pathfinder under there.  Here is what the hull looks like after 450 hours with a good cover...


Cover built by Hertzog Canvas in Ft Pierce. 772 708 0898, Phil Hertzog.

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