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2002 HPX-V For Sale

John O

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ONE OWNER  Purchased new and it has always been stored inside.

Original YAHAMA 90 TWO Stroke engine with only 352 hours. Less than 20 hours per year!

2002 Aluminum loadmaster trailer equipped with torsion axels, oil bearings. Trailer modified with a walk board and electric wench for one man loading and unloading . Very little water needed on the ramp to load and unload. Three near new radial trailer tires.

24 volt Minn-Kota Riptide on quick release. Wireless operation with GPS directional control.

3 oddessy batteries and onboard charger.

21 foot stiffy  very light push poll

Evakool ice chest with Maverick cushion and factory floor mounted brackets.

Removal and reversible polling tower support for added safety.

Price: $19995lnDD3d05SVuHs3ok0zw3SA.thumb.jpg.f5d15ec6f4198debb44e13df8932e867.jpggZXVqMwQTYmviNeQJjhSYg.thumb.jpg.68ca2fdb1059a35112ea252e19ab3134.jpggZXVqMwQTYmviNeQJjhSYg.thumb.jpg.68ca2fdb1059a35112ea252e19ab3134.jpg751101677_teq3kFQS2J4s5MFwMCfw.thumb.jpg.caa75c024f904e17fe63ff595f22d2db.jpg751101677_teq3kFQS2J4s5MFwMCfw.thumb.jpg.caa75c024f904e17fe63ff595f22d2db.jpg385057382_cypGGhFRzS84VkuyN5Zow.thumb.jpg.ab35157c1c32417c605aa272a3bcbcd0.jpg385057382_cypGGhFRzS84VkuyN5Zow.thumb.jpg.ab35157c1c32417c605aa272a3bcbcd0.jpgjHM08LHuRQCjWK8PntHdOw.thumb.jpg.ded6266ac4293deddbf1f4e46b2e644d.jpgjHM08LHuRQCjWK8PntHdOw.thumb.jpg.ded6266ac4293deddbf1f4e46b2e644d.jpg804109645_0jHtBMI0SqiuKuFsPDWnw.thumb.jpg.156d3b58ce0aa9fa97c6e083bdec0c8d.jpg804109645_0jHtBMI0SqiuKuFsPDWnw.thumb.jpg.156d3b58ce0aa9fa97c6e083bdec0c8d.jpgDsHeAJVcT968CcSA8sIDEA.thumb.jpg.d51c559c29e73df627492a8b87c12b80.jpgDsHeAJVcT968CcSA8sIDEA.thumb.jpg.d51c559c29e73df627492a8b87c12b80.jpg1420374736_RLRAwTiRbi1sAAaBhEWBQ.thumb.jpg.49223b383645f1a6248f8de6de829dc1.jpg1420374736_RLRAwTiRbi1sAAaBhEWBQ.thumb.jpg.49223b383645f1a6248f8de6de829dc1.jpg


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