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Powerpole for 2400 TRS


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Power Pole makes the brackets that attach to the atlas jack plate and hold the Power Poles. The atlas jack plate is pre drilled and ready to go. You will need to put your existing Power Pole on one of these brackets also or not. It would look strange if you did not. Your other option is to remove the boarding ladder on the port side and match the install on the starboard side.

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OK - finished the install of the second 10' Blade PP on the 2018 2400 TRS - came out nice!

I hired a local Marine mech to help with this job - it really is a two man effort to manage the pole plus I needed the help with the glass and gel coat - not my bag, baby!

Also, I asked the mech to create a new starboard mounting board for the pumps - we removed the assembly for the single and installed a larger one to accommodate both pumps and wiring assemblies.

The one thing that I'd say is that PP needs to reconsider the connecting hardware - the bolts for the Blade housing to the bracket assembly were and are whimpy and one size fits all - I ran out of threads in one bolt position - had to get shorter bolts and larger washers to make sure it was really tight...







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