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Jackplate stuck in down position


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1 hour ago, Drummer said:

Title about says it...  I can hear the motor when I push down on the stick, nothing when I push up. First jackplate for me. Any manual overrides?  Any thinking on the cause of what sounds like an open circuit?  Thanks. 

Also check the wires / terminals going into the blinker switch.  They corrode and can also come loose.  You should also be able to flip the wires and hit up, unit should go down again which will rule out the switch

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If it's a Bob's action Jack you need to replace the relay, it's a rectangle with 2 square blocks.

If it is a Bob's with the pump in the boat, you can temporarily get it to move by taking a screw driver or pair of pliers and touching it to the solenoid contacts (this jumps the connection). 

If you are desperate and have an action Jack, you can cut the wires and either reverse them or just touch it to a nearby battery, but best to just wait and replace rather than becoming an on the water electrician

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JPlate stuck in the down position with only a clicking sound when using the console switch in the up position.  
Replaced both solenoid to no avail.  Reversed the ground wires from one solenoid to the other one.  This time the the JPlate would go up but not down; exact opposite from the beginning.   Hmmm.  Replaced the heavy red wire which connects both solenoids together


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I just replaced my solenoids the jack plate move up no problem but if is having issues going down it moves a bit then just stops. I've greased the ports and cleansed the tracks. I don't think it's the pump because it moves up no problem. What should be my next move?

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