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3M vs Marine 31 Compound

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The 3M Heavy cuts pretty fast on a wool pad with a DA. Depending on how fine of grit that you wet sand with, you may not need the Heavy, as it's just that, heavy. I would do what you're going to do sanding wise and see how much time/work is involved cleaning it up with the Finesse It. You may not need the Heavy after all. I have no experience with the the product you mentioned, sorry. 

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I used the 3M series. Compound, finesse it, finish wax. Stuff worked awesome. Lots of elbow grease. Mine was heavily oxidized. Used stuff called Presto last go round I learned about from a friend. Cuts applications of three products to using one product. Works really well. Starts course and works down to a fine particle. You dont have to but I still would follow with another finish wax. 


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