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Connector crimps


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Need to change out my 24v TM plugs. My old crimps are not the right size for the job but can make do. Looking for new crimps for the job and general use. What are you guys using. Do not want to spend a lot of money as I seldom work with 6 or 8 gauge wire. Most seen only go down to 10. Thanks for any help. Will be using butt connectors that come with the plugs. 😀️ Fin

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I bought one of these, and actually get a fair bit of use from it. Only issue is the wire size labeled on the die is too small for the actual wire; I usually have to go up a size. Nice to be able to reterminate your own battery lugs when you're having a problem. You're welcome to borrow mine if you're near Broward County.


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My .02 but I would use a plug that utilizes ring loop terminal connectors rather than butt connection. Such as a batter tender style. My Rhodan came with the batt tender plug installed but it uses terminal connectors.

With that said...I have an hefty crimper I got from Amazon which looks a lot like the HF one and its pretty darn good. Well exceeds the old method of a hammer and block of wood 😂

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