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No one fishing


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Like I said in the post below, been catching a few Pompano, but the water temps have not stayed cold enough to keep the Pompano in the flats. We've had so much wind and negative tides, that it's hard to get to my Redfish holes. But, my wife did catch a 22" Redfish last week, using Ladyfish chunks. I'm sure we could catch more Redfish if we concentrated on them, but I'm a meat hunter and we can't keep Redfish, so Pompano is the only catch and keep fish right now.

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Down here in South Georgia , we have water temps between 49F and 52F ...and as you know...the trout fishing is SLOW..at these temps, if you don’t hit them on the head, they aren’t  swimming and exerting energy to eat....a few redfish here and there....but the fishing is slow right now. 

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water temp now around 80f, fishing has been hot on an incoming tide, if you can find water with no seaweed, tons of bruiser trout, snook, mackerel, jacks and bluefish. i mostly fly fish, and these have readily hit a clouser minnow.

no reds seen this season, for me  ( honeyb has).. i am near st.james city.

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