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Looking at 77 Bonefisher


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9 minutes ago, JohnnyU said:

I'm looking at a 1977 Bonefisher with 2014 E-Tec 115 hp on the back.  What are typical issues that I need to look for with this boat?  


Depends on a lot of things.  Was the boat ever restored, reglassed, repainted?  Or is it original gelcoat?  Those hulls were made with wood in the stringers and transom.  If any water penetrated to the wood, and the wood is still there, it has most certainly rotted.  Check for soft spots in the floors and deck.  Check for cracks in the transom, large enough that water could get in.  Just a few things, but the more info you can get and share here - the better others can help with advice.  Good luck!

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3 hours ago, JohnnyU said:

Follow up question:  I won't be doing this work myself, any recommendations in the Jacksonville/St Augustine for someone to rehab this boat?

The best boat rehab/restoration work I've ever seen in Florida was done by two guys (companies):  Randy Leininger at DuRite Boatworks, https://www.flickr.com/photos/duriteboatworks/ However, he is in Stuart, which is 215 miles away - pretty far from you.

The other is Brian Floyd, formerly Islamarine Boat Repair in the Keys, who has moved his shop to Edgewater, FL, about 79 miles from you.  He and his wife Heidi's new operation is dba Floyd Skiff Co.  https://www.floydskiff.com/ .  Brian is building new boats now, but he still may be doing boat rehab work as well.  If he isn't repairing skiffs any more, he would recommend someone that you could trust to do excellent work.  Brian is a good guy, who has seen the good, bad, and ugly, under the surface of most brands of skiffs for more than 30 years, while repairing them.

Hope this helps.  Good luck!

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