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Capt. Troy

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Week after week those idiots are out with an attitude that if they get caught, they just pay a fine, and go do it again.  I've always said there needs to be more deterrent to crime.  Maybe repeat offenders spend a minimum of 30 days jail time, lose their drivers license or something like that.

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1 hour ago, Shallowminded6 said:

Maybe a compounding punishment or something along those lines

  Exactly, the FWC knows if you had previous violations so they want the truth before you make them work to find out your in possession of illegal fish. So if the fine doubles on a second violation, triples on the 3rd, etc. or until you've had more than 3 your rights would be revoked. Seriously, under sized gray snapper, a legal one barely gets you a sandwich and that's if he's eaten well! 

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Major Rondeau was on land patrol in John D. MacArthur Beach State Park when several fishermen were observed exiting the water with a cooler and a small jonboat. A resource inspection revealed a total of 11 undersized snook that were harvested with a net. A large black canvas bag was discovered containing a monofilament gill net approximately 150 feet in length. The owner of the net was placed under arrest for felony use of a gill net in state waters. The appropriate resource citations and warnings were issued for the remaining violations.

I hope he rots in jail.

The idiot is now a felon if convicted.

I hope the message is sent once again.

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