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15' and 17' Pathfinders


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I may be in the market for an older Pathfinder tunnel but have heard about issues with the earlier years (99' and older) having issues with delaminating floors and stringer problems. '

What did they find was the issues?

When did Pathfinder correct these problems?

Did most of the pre-2000 models have the problem?

I saw a few boats for sale that were 98' and 99' but I was concerned about purchasing one.

How do you determine if there is a problem without do a sea trial?

Thanks for all of your ***istance and information.

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YOU DON'T. major part in purchasing a boat.

after picking out the right one for you, hire a mechanic and a surveyor to go over the boat. have the sale contingent on the findings. I would not buy without a sea trial. if seller not willing to do this. WALK AWAY FAST.

why would you not want a sea trial. the money spent for the above is well worth it. avg. cost $400.

1. sea trial, you and owner to see if you like the ride. check out all electronics, lights, pumps, switches, gauges, speed and max rpm. if owner will not let you max her out, WALK.

2. survey to check out hull, stringer, decks, tabbing if any, transom.

3. mechanic to check engine. EVERYTHING. if ok and not serviced recently (records shown) have complete service done so you start of fresh.

best of luck.

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Pre 2000 hulls are reported to have the problem

Floor delamination causes a slapping sound in the floor of the cockpit while running from the floor hitting the stringer

Stringer issue may cause cracks in the front storage compartment liner and cracks in the gel coat at the side of the hull where the bottom starts to curve upward in the bow.

The liner cracks can occur without stringer failure from flexing of the bow while running. Repair involves cutting out cockpit floor and reinforcing stringers, reinstall floor. Pretty simple repair for a competent gl*** guy.

Mine was repaired by MHP under warranty as I was original owner.

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