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23 HPS anchor suggestion?

East Coast Dave

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I usually stay inshore and don’t usually use an anchor. I’ll use power pole and stick it anchor pin. My brother-in-law gave me anchor and the bar at the bottom is too long to fit in the anchor locker. Any suggestions for the best anchor ( brand and size) to fit in the anchor locker?  Mostly for sandbar on the weekends.  Thanks. 

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I've use a 12lb. Sea Claw for years. No chain, but I fish inside mostly. Even if you buy a Sea Claw, the cross bar will probably be too wide to fit into the anchor locker. I cut the cross bars down to about 5" on each side and it fits through the opening and lays on the floor of the anchor locker. I installed a small stainless steel hook between the door and the top of the anchor locker. I drop the anchor and rope in the locker and make one loop around the hook. Now, I don't have to get on my knees or belly to reach the anchor. Just lean over and grab the rope. I'll look for a pic.

Additionally, the link posted above is what you want. There are knock-off anchors with the same name.


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I do not have a power pole, so we get to use the anchor quite often.  In both the 2000V and my current 22 TRS, we carry a few anchors but the main anchor (for when we leave the boat for a walk down the beach, etc.) is a Danforth 5H Hi-Tensile Anchor - 5 Lbs. with 6 foot of chain.  This thing seems like it could hold an ocean going tug boat.  Actually rated up to 30 ft boat in 20 its of breeze.  It fits in both of my boats anchor wells, not sure about your boat but I would guess the well is at least as big.



Yes, the rode looks new.  It gets washed in fresh water ever few months.  Looping it up over the anchor keeps it in the air not in a damp pile at the bottom of the well.  The two screws help keep it in place in rough water and the hasps were added later, not to lock it but to also help keep it in place in rough water.

I had tried the Fortress a bunch of years ago.  Laurie usually handles the anchoring, so the light, aluminum anchor sounded like a great idea.  I used it in hard sand (Cape Sable Beach) and it did not want to dig in!  Took 3 tries and I know how to anchor.  Next time, here on the Georgia Coast, soft sand and it pulled out.  That was the end of the line for the Fortress, back to the dealer.  It had the "sand cheeks" and the correct amount of chain, I never figured what went wrong.  The Danforth has never failed.

At the bar, I never run the boat up on the beach.  If there is only one rock or shell there, you know the boat will land on it, plus, why sand that nice bottom with coarse sand paper.  We always anchor the bow with the main anchor, then back toward the beach 'till the depth is 2 feet or so then toss out the small anchor toward the beach...


Takes a few moments longer but the bottom is super smooth and the bow always points into the waves or chop.

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I agree with Ron, a Danforth 5H Hi Tensile works great.  It’s flukes are thin but very strong, so the anchor digs great in sand or mud.   I don’t like the old style Pathfinder anchor lockers that keeps the anchor vertical because they are a pain to get the anchor out and worse, putting the anchor back, particularly if it’s lumpy.

I have a stolen milk crate ( please don’t tell anybody) in the front storage locker.  I keep my spare propeller, bait pump and 150’ of 3/8” anchor rope.  I just lay my 5H anchor and chain on top of the milk crate.. 

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12 pound sea claw is what I use. He makes one with a shorter bar specifically for the pathfinder locker. If you are inshore you shouldn't need chain but I use mine on the beach during tarpon season and also offshore on the wrecks so I have 10ft of 3/8 chain. I have never had any issues with it and it will hook on the first try every time with no effort. I just throw it over the side and then just hang on once it goes tight.


Kevin makes the original https://reelcharterfishing.com/seaclaw.html

seaclawanchors.com is a knockoff

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