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On 3/27/2020 at 10:04 AM, fishmanjj said:

I heard that there were so many boats at Demere Landing the DNR blocked the entrance and wouldn’t allow any more boats to be put in because of no where to park.

Yep, I've never seen the marinas and ramps that busy before, even on holidays. Trailers were parked out on the highway. In the 37yrs that I've lived here, I have never seen as many boats/trailers at Kilkenny marina either. I took the wife and kids out Friday, since they had cabin fever (wife's work closed and school's out) and I had the day off from work. We put in at Demerie's Creek, and it was moderately busy for a Friday. Went to St. Cat's and enjoyed some quiet family time with only 1 other boat anywhere near us. I went to the ramp yesterday just to see what it would look like..... a complete sht-show! 11am and boats lined up onto the highway again, waiting their turn to put in. I'm glad I went Friday. I'm hearing rumors that the Chatham Co. Marine Patrol is threatening to close the ramps down in Savannah if they can't slow the crowds. I've seen trailers down here with tags from up near the Augusta area. I don't understand why people think this is a great time for a 2hr trip to the coast. It's obvious that some of these yahoos are making their first trip to the saltwater in their bass boats and painted trailers.

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