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2020 Trs 22 foot


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Under one side I have a square plastic bucket. I think it was a cat liter bucket, I found it a my brother in laws shop.  I drilled holes in the bottom and the side. I use the bucket for dock lines. Works great and it’s not something I need constantly while on the water, so lifting the seat does not become a pain in the butt.

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Use a wick to move the water up and through the drains. I do this for my coolers and my bilge through the drain plug hole. Old tee shirt works or you can use some types of small cotton like rope. Speeds up drying time. Keeps mold and mildew from growing. 

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I went out and viewed a couple of TRS's on the line...  Those "boxes" are sloped inboard and aft to get any water into and out of the limber hole, the boats I viewed looked fine.  I suspect maybe your hole might have been drilled too high on the small lip, if you can post a picture here it would help.

The fix would be to increase the hole size to get the water to drain into the bilge area.  


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On 3/23/2020 at 8:37 PM, Hampton said:

Under the 3rd row seats there’s a great place for storage but the drainage tubes are to high and takes forever to dry out. What’s the solution.

When my 2017 2200TRS was new, I had a similar problem with the aft-most storage, starboard side.  There was always some water there...


The drain hole to the bilge was a little two high.  Rather than try to drill the hole deeper (closer to the outside of the boat!), I raised the bottom of the storage area...


You can see the drain hole too high to drain the area dry.



Filled it with glass/roving...



added just glass for smoothness on top...



took that can of off-white paint that you get when you buy the boat and have been storing in your refrigerator all this time ...




Now the bottom of the area is high enough to drain into the bilge

Ray was always after me about the corrosion on the tru-hull.  I've since buffed and Zainoed it.

Anchor locker was easy.  The drain hole fitting has a ridge around it thereby keeping all the water from draining.  I took one of those reciprocating saws with the half moon shape saw blade and cut 4 "channels" in the ridge around the drain hole.  Now water can all run out.

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