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A word about skin infections

SCFD rtrd.

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Thought I'd p*** this information along to other members in the hopes that you might prevent a similar occurrence. I had both my knees replaced, one in Sept. and one in Dec. The Sept. surgery and recovery was text-book, with no problems. However, after the Dec. surgery, I developed cellulitis.

Briefly, Cellulitis is a bacterial infection of the skin. The bacteria is very common and can be found anywhere (it's already on your skin), on the ground, and in the water. You have to have an open wound for the bacteria to enter the skin. Even a very minor opening, like a scratch is sufficient to allow the bacteria to enter. It almost always occurs on the shin or lower leg, but could develop on any part of the body.

Since most of us like to spend our time outdoors and often receive cuts and scratches, I thought this might be important to others.

The infection spreads quickly so if you have any of the signs or symptoms of Cellulitis see your Doctor.

To help prevent Cellulitis, try to avoid damaging your skin, if you do, keep it clean and disinfected. Apply antiseptic cream after running tap water on the damaged area. Keep the cut covered with a(band aid) or dressing. Keep the dressing clean and dry. One article advised to use Neosporin or Polysporin as a barrier to keep the bacteria from entering the skin.

I am a healthy and active person with no underlying medical conditions, but it happened to me. Try not to get beat-up, but if you do, disinfect and cover.


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Good info... as I mature my self awareness of my non invincibility increases. I used to not think twice about the pokes cuts and scrapes from fishing, but now Im sure to clean them up and keep an eye on them. I took a snook spine straight into the bone of the knee cap earlier this year... was really worried about that one incase a piece of the sheath or spine cot in the wound, but it healed fine

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