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Pathy 17T: Old Style Rule Bilge Pumps (WTB)


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The little skiff I'm getting (Pathy 17T) has the old school Rule pumps (internal float). These are the ones - oval, with blue color....

Please send me a note if you have any you'd be willing to sell or trade (I'll do custom color prints on my Epson 3880 printer for you)....

I don't want to have to change out the baskets inside the bilge as it looks like a real adventure.....

contact me at Dino.Cardelli@gmail.com or if anyone has experience, let me know....boat coming home tomorrow and I"ll have a better idea....


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Dino, I have two 500 GPM's and I think two 360 GPM's. Let me check tonight and you can have them. Rule changed the design for some reason, those older style pumps were very reliable. I eneded up making a new bracket for the new style pumps and already having issues with them.

Let me know and I can arrange to get them from you..


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