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ecomap law suit Garmin vs others - major issues


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so, last week I noticed a "good deal" on a echmap 74DV at WestMarine here in FLL - $600 for the unit and transducer !!!

I buy the unit, and get her home...no joy....she's dead, I figure it's my battery...so, I wait to get my new skiff home today....and DonH my master mechanic plays with the unit.

No joy...it's dead.

DonH and i go to the WM here in FLL, after calling, and take back the unit....

They tell me there is some kind of lawsuit with Garmin and others; therefore, no exchanges !!! Holy no exchange Batman I say !!!

Bottom line, EchoMap's are off the market until further notice, I spoke with the Mgr at WM and we "arranged a solution". Not a like for like exchange - but, I'm "OK" with the deal.

WM came through, I'm happy, and have new 741XS vs. EchoMap 74DV.

such is life....

time to install it and get to feeeeeeshing !!!!


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We were in B*** Pro right after Christmas. Walked over to the marine desk and was checking out all of the new units. Got to noticing there were no Garmin units on display. I asked the guy working the counter if they had been sold out with all of the deals. He informed us that Garmin had a lawsuit against them and BP had pulled all of the Garmin units until they got it straight.

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