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Refurb 17 T - Cutting Out Live - Well


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Chop away brother, chop away. :susel:

I believe all MBC wells are glued to the bottom side of the decks.

Would recommend a 3/8" pilot hole and a air saw.

PS, May be encased with foam.

Have fun w/ that.

No foam...completely open....

Yes, I have have my harbor freight ready to go at it !!!

I sent a note to Skip and Scott in PM asking as well...

For my style of fishing, it's not needed and will allow me to modify the bilge access much easier..but, before I chop, i thought I'd ask.

Getting ready to have fun with the air tools :)

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Has anyone cut out the plastic live well in the 17T...any pictures before and after..

I have no use for it other than a garbage location and it will allow me access to the bilge pumps without such a h***le.


I just received reliable information....no structural damage if I remove it...

Drills and saws a-blazing by tomorrow.


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