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2003 Yamaha VMAX/HPDI 2.6L for sale (needs repair)

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Model #VZ200TLRB, Year: 2003, Hours: ~1475

Issue: Cylinder #2 has 25 psi, and spark plugs on #2 and #4 has saltwater on them.  Unsure of exact cause; either blown head gasket or powerhead break-down. Otherwise, it’s in perfect condition. No prop or thrust washer included.

Immediate Value: Cowling, lower unit, plastic covers on shaft, PTT assembly, and other misc parts...worth > $3,000

Replaced lower unit in 2015 (Yamaha lower installed by Lindsay Marine), Cowling paint/touch-up in 2018 (by Marine Customs Unlmited), new in June 2020; VST screen, oil tank  & tank cap w/ stainless tell mounting bracket, low pressure fuel pumps, fuel filters (incl. metal mid-pressure canister), Sparks, My-Wedge. Original owner, purchased new w/ 0 hours and have al receipts. Motor was serviced annually/regularly by certified Yamaha shop.

$1200 Buyer to pay for cost to remove/disconnect “IF” done before motor is replaced for new installed in August. Available through end of Aug only.

Email me: Pathfinder22@bellsouth.net



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