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Battery load tester


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Here is a topic I have not seen on the forum.

Does anyone use a loadtester to check their batteries for bad cells. From what I read there are two routes. One is old style meter that applys a load for a few seconds and measures the voltage drop. The other applies a small AC current and measures the resistance, Anyone have any experience with load testing their boat batteries.

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I have a load tester from Harbor Freight that I have been using for around 10 or 12 years. It works well. I did decide however to just replace my marine batteries every 2 years when I had my offshore boat. Decided the cost of 4 Group 27 Batteries every couple years outweighed any potential issues 10-50 miles offshore. I have had my inshore boat now for just 2 years. I will probably wait closer to 3 years to replace there unless I have a bunch of ENP trips in the near future. 



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14 hours ago, jh141 said:

I have a very simple OTC Load Tester It has identified two bad batteries for me in the last four years. I test my batteries about once a year or when I think a may have a problem.  

Battery Load Tester, Analog, 100A


I have the same one....

works well for a basic battery check....

As soon as I see a problem with one of my batteries, I"m changing them out.....

As Capt DonH always says, "No gas stations out near LostMan's River " :)



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Thanks for input.

The need to check comes in dealing with 36volt systems. I know one must be bad as I can charge it up and read up to 38 volts but after very short use it drops into mid 20s. Just have to take them out and identify the bad one. The ones shown are true load testers that apply a load and look at voltage drop. Does anyone use the newer style that measures resistance.

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I also have the same load tester as Pathfinder and Wannafish and it works.  I also strongly suggest every boater who goes off shore or in the back country carry a lithium ion battery jumper.  They are amazing.  I used it to start a v6 diesel in my SUV when the battery took a dump just before a trip. They keep a charge for a long time and are about as big as  2 packs of cigarettes,if anyone  knows what they are these days. LOL.

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