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Battery relocation question

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Will likely be repowering with a new 4 stroke on the boat in the coming weeks. The new engine is about 20lbs heavier than the old 2 stroke.  To offset this I was thinking of moving my starting battery from the stern to under the console.

will this make any noticeable offset in the additional weight or is it wishful thinking?

assuming a 10ft run of additional cable, what gauge do I need to maintain enough cranking power. I am planning on moving the battery then running the leads back to the same switch and negative bus previously used in the back.



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6 minutes ago, whichwaysup said:

so let me get this straight, first you want to move your battery, now you want to move your post.  Man, arent you just high maintenance!  See what happens when you decide to repower?  Everything ends up in the wrong place!

Right! All I wanted to do was make life easier and it just blew up in my face.

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