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Capt. Troy

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There was a small story in this past Sunday's Miami's Herald; apparently neighbors saw a man wringing lobsters heads on the dock of a Florida Keys rented home during mini-season. No problem with that right? Except he was wringing them on a Tuesday and mini-season did not start until Wednesday at midnight. FWC rolled up on him via the waterway and found 3 lobster tails boiling in a pot with 7 more in a bucket next to the grill. He told them that was all he had, but there were more than 10 heads in the water so they new he was lying, after further questions and pressure the guys son showed them a cooler with 47 additional wrung lobster tails!

And this one..................https://nbc-2.com/news/2020/07/29/man-arrested-for-illegally-harvesting-lobster-one-day-before-mini-season-begins/

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Lobster are bad enough and they tend to fine heavy in Monroe county.


These low lifes are facing some serious charges. I have run across them before "little remote creek around 4th street" and we had some words not to be repeated here. I am glad I was armed at the time.


lets just say some local guides have seen these two in action more than once. They got a little too comfortable with their activities and have been being watched. Their time ran out!

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14 minutes ago, Miss Jazzy said:

If my math is correct that’s nearly 30k in fines or up to 20 years prison each. Good job FWC! 

Hopefully they get some of both. Examples need to be set. The waters have had enough to try and recover from. The oil spill, red tide more than once etc.... people like that make these fish/wildlife a non renewable resource. 

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