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Adding SeaStar Soultions power assist ???


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Ive done a bit of research on this as Im considering adding it as well... seems all you need is the pump and a few hoses,  power wire is already run and on mine is located in the big bilge hatch in the floor.  Ive driven PB Specials and its just ridiculous how light the steering is.... his pump is mounted on the stringer under the port flip up seat.

  What I dont know is how best to run the hoses.... Im guessing itd be easier to remove the hoses from the helm and move them to the pump so that circuit is complete, then run 2 more hoses from the pump to the helm.  So Id also be interested in this if someone has done it as well

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Fin, I was parts checking and  looks like the hoses with bulk head fittings are available in short lengths. For my boat I am thinking two new six foot bulk head lines from cylinder on motor to Power Assist Unit. Then routing existing lines with maybe a loop to Power Assist unit. Looks like will also need to run a nylon tubing return line from Power Assist to Helm. There is a 25' bulk roll and fitting kit available for that. I do not like having to put the Power Assist in the back compartment but looks like the better solution for my 22'. Maybe under starboard seat. 

Love hearing it will lighten the steering,  With my added HP and Bravo prop mine is a two handed helm now. Hard for my daughter to drive comfortably. 

Thanks for the input!

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I am not sure I have seen the need for power assist on a boat and engine like yours. Are you sure your helm and cylinder are properly matched to your HP?


It greatly reduces effort on 2 of the boats I run but they are sporting twin 300 HP boats. Both boats have a switch on the dash to power the assist pump and when off they are manageable but the assist makes them a one finger deal for the most part.

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Thanks Capt. Troy.  Yes my helm and cylinder are matched, and are in perfect working condition. I really like the on off switch option. If I am running 40 mph and trimmed down the steering is no issue. When I am running hard to catch a tide at a certain spot or running to beat a nasty storm or just airing it out for smiles ( or just to hurt someones feelings LOL ) with my current HP and Prop combo it gets very hard to steer. I am just looking for some added safety with a reduction in effort. 

Thank You for your input, another confirmation for a substantial reduction in steering effort.


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