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2002 Hewes Bonefisher wet bilge


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Wow, where to start??? 

Could be where the cap and hull are connected (under rub rail). I heard about this before. If you can find access to see the joint where the two are connected, spray water from a garden hose from the outside and look for water running down the inside of the hull. 

Or, any thru-hull fitting, drain, live-well, live-well pump. Again find access to see inside the bilge, spray water with garden hose into the live-well pick-up on the bottom of the boat .Look for leaks in hoses, fittings and pumps. Also spray water into the live-well, where the live-well connects to the deck. Look for water dripping into bilge.   

While on the trailer, jack the front of the boat up high. Add water to the bilge with a garden hose and look for leaks on the bottom of the hull. 

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