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93 degree water by 11a.m ? Time to wait till September?


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COTO and I fished flamingo yesterday.....ran East into the bights....

We found about a dozen snook up on the shorelines - mixed bag of small to up to 24-25 " very healthy.

Water was pretty muddy...with the morning temperature at 87-88.

By 11 a.m. the temperature was up near 93....

We explored some of the keys out  front and then farther east t but there was NO life anywhere...

I guess it's just to hot !!!!

Maybe time to wait till September, fix up the skiff and get ready to fish hard in late September / early October.

Any thoughts?



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14 minutes ago, conocean said:

Plenty of fish biting in the Glades this time of year....before 11am & after 7pm! 👍🏻

So what do you do from 1101 to 659pm ???

Can I come crash at yo crib ? :)

It's a hike to come over at 0330 to be on the water at 0600 for 5 hours of fishing..or, maybe that's the plan....but, I don't run the Chokoloskee creeks in the dark.....too many mean and nasty's you can't see that can jump out and grab yo lower unit.  I've seen too many large trees in places they weren't last week in the canals of Chokoloskee.....



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We use the mid day ho hums to explore the open Bay. Its is amazing what we find out there, if all else fails we pick on the sharks, my daughter loves to catch sharks. My son loves to just explore. We run about as slow as we can go and with the shade up and pay attention.  I will tell you we have caught some of our biggest redfish in 92 degree water on the mangrove shorelines of Whitewater Bay during the summer. It is not "comfortable" if there is no wind. 

I am sure I am the minority but I love summer fishing,  If my fishing buddy was available, I would have been there. They will not let me go alone anymore.......LOL.....I am only 59 and in perfect health.

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Many of the old guides from the 1950's-70's did a lot of trolling. That's how people like Capt Andy McLean found many spots. Trolling deeper cuts, rivers & troughs in the bights where the water is just a few degrees cooler can be highly productive for snook & tarpon in the middle of a summer day. Trolling for gag grouper between Flamingo & Harney River can be stellar in September! 

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