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Anyone do the work to convert brakes to all SS?


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This is a future project for me.... gonna go with Kodiak.  Any tips tricks or helpful info from those who've worked on trlr brakes is welcome.  The one thing I cant seem to find out how to do is how to bleed them.... specifically how to exert the force on the actuator to get the bleeding done?

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Fin I have done that exact upgrade. I swapped everything over to SS Kodiak, Hubs, rotors, calipers, caliper brackets and pads (ss backing plate) To bleed after swapping calipers I raised the front as high as I could and using four tin pans, I opened the bleeder farthest away first (mine was rr) and put the caliper in the pan. Because the system already has fluid removing the master cylinder cap raising the front and placing the caliper down in the pan the system will gravity bleed. Just keep the Master Cylinder at least 3/4 full.

When I felt like the system was free from as much air as possible (the calipers were full of fluid) I used a small ratchet strap to put pressure on the master cylinder and opened each bleeder one at a time, resetting the strap on the master cylinder each time. Worked very well and I did not have to be in a hurry. Again of coarse keep the master cylinder full. This was a pretty easy job because the the master is already bled and the fluid will flow freely using gravity. 

I used 2-4-C with PTFE grease on the caliper slides and anti seize on the caliper pin threads and lug nut threads. I also upgraded all the lug nuts to solid stainless. 

It was worth the money and the work.   Hope this helps.

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Get a plastic jug and a length of plastic(clear preferably)hose that will fit on the bleed nipple. Put some brake fluid in the jug.

The actuator on the tongue should have a slot that you can stick a large screwdriver into, that is where you pump the actuator .

Fill master cylinder with fluid and crack open the nipple at the furthest point and pump until the bubbles disappear, close bleed nipple. repeat for each wheel.

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