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After much debate and going back in forth about a hewes or pathfinder for my needs in my area the pathfinder seems to be the clear winner.  I am Not quite ready to buy yet but will be looking for a used pathfinder in the near future. I need to know somethings to look for when purchasing these boats used. Any known problems? Any models or years better then others? Looking for a 19-22ft range. Also I will be taking out a loan on whatever I purchase, do any of you guys know how far they go back in years For financing? I have heard 10 years but no 100%. Thanks in advance for all info and advice

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All my experiences are with the 22’ “V” model. I’m on my third. ‘99 -‘01 the top cap is different than the ‘02 and newer V. The ‘02 changes were moving the front deck storage entry from the front bulkhead to the top deck for easier access. The gunnels got a little wider and the cleats were moved and surface mounted. The two forward storage lids were changed to a solid fiberglass top rather than a cushion. 
   Both hulls were identical. The main problem with this Hull was the self bailing deck. They do not drain very well and most let water in from the scuppers on the transom. But this can be easily fixed with Rabuds(do a search). All outboards are 20” shaft. 
   Tournament Edition’s added more and larger live well/release well. Three in all, two 45 gallons and one 15 up front. The decks are a bit higher and have rod storage. Also has a deck storage for cast nets. 
   They introduced the XL Hull I believe in ‘09. The transom is taller witch added more floatation to handle the larger four stroke’s (250). They take a 25” shaft outboard. The trim tabs are recessed, witch is the best way to tell the difference. 
    All the other newer models you should be able to do quick searches and see all those differences.  

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If I could do it again instead of the 2005 2200 v I bought I would have tried to find a clean xl model or tournament model. My boat has been great since the repower from a 150 yam to 200 Suzuki New electronics and trolling motor etc. But there are few pathfinders for sale here in Texas...

Depending what type of fishing you do and how many folks on board the newer wider models would imo of course be better.  That said if you opt for a 2200 v which has a much better price point in older models just look things over really well. You are going to spend coin on any used boat to get it right so you hope it is things that are identifiable and an easy fix.  
And if you get an older boat that has been sitting the first thing you should do is drain and clean the fuel tank. Second change all the engine filters. Common stuff.  Don’t forget the trailer. If it is a 15 + year old trailer likely you will need tires and maybe even bunks and leafs. All can be fixed but all cost $$.
all in a great line of boats especially if maintained by the prior owner....

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