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2000 Hewes Bonefisher Electrical issue - help needed

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I have a 2000 Hewes Bonefisher and have an issue.

Everything was fine until the weekend when I now have no power to any of the switches on the panel.

Boat starts fine - bilge pump works (directly wired to battery) and the main 30 amp in line fuse going to the fuse panel is intact.

Electrical not my strong point, but am learning.   Any suggestions on my next step would be appreciated.   I have good power at the rear bus and connections are clean, tight and appear to be in good condition.  

If one of the switches on the panel has gone bad, would that keep any of the switches from getting power?

Thanks in advance for any advice. 

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Had same issue, motor ran fine but All console power and tabs were dead. My fix was the main negative battery Cable connection at the battery.  Corrosion ate the inside cable, right at the spot where the cable and end of battery connector (crimp) was.  There were two wires coming in at that crimp. I had to remove an inch or so of the cable till I got back to good copper wire, then had new connector installed with a (hand held) Hydraulic crimper.  

My system did not originally have a main breaker to fuse block.
If the battery connection isn’t the fix, the next suggestion to me was to run new wiring from battery to fuse block under console.

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