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Spa Day


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Today was Spa Day for the girls. Both get a professional detailing once a year. Throughout the year I do it myself. Both came out better than expected. Both girls are smooth and shiny as silk. The shine on the Ice Blue hull is amazing, looks like new. Some girlie photos for your enjoyment. Will add Pathy pics when finished. 😀🙏😍








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14 minutes ago, SCFD rtrd. said:

Really nice shine, you got your money's worth. My wife had a Corvette for a few years, man I miss that car. Talk about pulling some G's.  

It was $600. for both the Vette and Pathy. Pathy took 7hrs. Nothing was left untouched including lockers which he cleaned out, waxed and put everything back in order. Going to do my son’s truck and suv for $100. each. 😀

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2 hours ago, FINCHASER said:

Looks great.  Im about at the age where paying someone to detail the boat is becoming very appealing.....

LOL, I am at that age. My back tells me I’m older than I am. Wash every two weeks and after each use. Always looks great but she deserves a complete detailing every year. 😀🙏 fin

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