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Relocate Bobs Jackplate Pump


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Having to replace Solenoids on Bobs Jackplate pump on my 2003 22V and it is a pain  in the butt  because  of the way it was originally rigged in the stern  but underneath the floor. Now that 2 stroke oil tank is gone  with the repowered to 4 Stroke, how big a deal to relocate to the stern where the oil tank was mounted.  I think I would need shorter hoses but do you have to pull the motor to change hoses.  Anybody done this and is it worth it?



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    You can put the pump wherever you want, you can loop the hydraulic lines if you move the pump closer or obvious longer lines if moved further. Sounds to me like you just need to disconnect the pump end of the hoses and loop them.

   BUT IF YOU DO REPLACE THE HOSES...do the lower hydraulic line on the ram first, raise the jackplate up and put a floor jack with a piece of wood under the jackplate and allow the weight of the engine to rest on the floor jack. Now remove the bottom hose  on the ram and let the fluid drain. This will do two things, first easy access to the fitting on the ram. Second not allow the jackplate to drop from loss of fluid and you losing a finger while your hand is up there loosening the fitting, and allow you to lower the jackplate using the floor jack to do the upper fitting when there is no fluid in it.

Hope this helps.

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