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2000 Bayfisher Trolling Motor Install


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This is my third trolling motor installation, but first on a vintage Hewes.

I really don't want to screw anything up, so I'm reaching out to y'all to see what the forum recommends...

Decided to mount the trolling motor on the port side with the Minn Kota quick release bracket. Utilizing the Minn Kota template, results in the puck ending up where the red box is on the photo.IMG_1437.thumb.JPG.40f57597740ee4860a1badbe9ca40996.JPG

So, that's fine all.
I really don't have arms that long, but I took a picture under the deck and discovered that probably only 3 of the 4 holes in the puck are going to make it through below deck.



Read that "some" of the Hewes boats have an aluminum plate glassed in - what year did that start?

Also, this area feels really thick. If there is no aluminum plate, then how thick is this material? Like, will I be able to drill all the way through this with standard bits?

I'm thinking of modifying the puck so that all 4 holes are in an accessible area and not too close to the leading edge of the boat. Anyone modified the puck?

As with previous installs, I'm planning to bed in the puck with 5200 so the bolts will have help from the adhesive. 

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