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Redfisher bilge pump


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The bilge pump in my Redfisher 18 no longer works on automatic, I understand this is not unusual after 10 years, I don't feel cheated. The old pump is a Rule 1100 which is no longer made. I purchased a new style Rule 1100 and if just looks small. Does anyone know what capacity pump Hewes is installing on it's new Redfisher 18s? Is moving up to a Rule 1500 overkill?

Thanks in advance

Jim Michie

Miramar Beach, FM 


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I have the newer rule 1100 in my 18, I would say it is fine for capacity.  The location is center of pie plate and a little forward.  I removed old one and then removed the excess water that was down there and put a fan to dry. I had to remove old strainer bottom and put new one in.  One screw hold from before worked and I tapped a new one, dropped a little 5200 in all of them.  Mine was sitting on a slightly raised platform that was all fiberglass.  The new unit just clicks in place as the old one did. There were two fittings with the pump for outflow hose.  The wires were just clip and splice in new ones, but first cut and slip over a piece of heat shrink tubing to cover your inline connector.  It’s been several years and the replacement is still doing fine.

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