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2400 TRS Recent Prop Tests

Texas T

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2020 PF 2400

T Top

SHO 250 

Came with HS4 21p. Best rpm about 5200 a little over 52mph. Square throughout. Decent holeshot just can't rev

Tried PT OFX3 18 6000 RPM about 52mph

SWS3 21p 5700 RPM 52.9 mph

Quicksilver Q4 19. Still playing with it but saw 6100 RPM and 53 MPH on one run. I think this is the right prop.


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2 hours ago, HoneyB said:

could you not find the HS4 in 21 pitch? I see the other props are giving you rpm but no speed gain. So they are all slipping more than the HS4. I would try to run a HS4 in 21 pitch or mercury Bravo1FS in 22 pitch to get some speed out of the Additional rpms on the engine.  

Yes it came with an HS4 21p. See above. That's the prop I could not get to full RPM with.

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5 hours ago, HoneyB said:

Ohh my bad somehow I read that to say 22 pitch. I don’t think they make that prop in lower pitches. Maybe the Bravo1FS or changing over to a three blade like the tempest plus or enertia might do you well. 

I have already made the decision. it's the Quicksilver Q4 ( same as the Mercury Rev 4) 19p. It's just about perfect for my set up. 

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2 hours ago, JerryM said:

i just moved from a 2200 with a Yama 250, rocket, to a 2017 2400 TRS just like yours, T-Top, short shaft Yama 250.   WOT 4900 RPM- 40MPH,  -  STINKS!  i am running a OFX4R19PCL200, whatever that means, I am assuming a 19" diam x ? pitch.   What pitch is the Quicksilver?

The powertech prop on yours is also a 19 pitch, not diameter. I'm surprised you can only turn it 4900 RPM. Something's not right.

With my Q4 I can rev up to rated RPM of 6000. Gets me about 53 mph 

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I have a 2010 TE with the 250 SHO Yamaha. Boat is set up with T-Top and is loaded. I have tried several different props. From mercury bravo 1 and several Yamaha props. The best prop I have found is the Yamaha Pro series 3 blade 21pitch. The pro series is a 14 1/2 in diameter 3 blade wheel and has great hole shot , mid range and top end performance. At 4200rpm GPS is 38-40 Mph at 14gallons an hour depending on load. At WOT 5800-6000rpm GPS is 55-58gps depending on load burning 16-17gallons an hour. 


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  • 3 months later...

I have a 2018 TRS w 300 Yamaha.  Running the Yamaha HS4 Saltwater series 22.

So, I have used it here in the Port Charlotte area and as most know it is shallow and in the winter it's really shallow.  I need the hole shot when loaded and the 3 bladed wheels blow out in turns - I need the grip so sticking with four blades.  Had the same issues as everyone else regarding not being able to turn it the 22 to 6K.  Best I got was about 5400.  

I took it to a prop shop and had them tweak it for me - took about an inch out - I still get the hole shot and grip but can now spin it to 6K and GPS is 54 MPH with a neutral wind.  In Port Charlotte I seldom run the boat that fast - at 4K I'm doing 40 and getting 2.8 MPG - drop it to 3600K and I'm doing about 3.2 MPG.  

I can live with this.  


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