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putting a trolling motor on the bow of a 15ft HPXv


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Haven't had any luck with info on my `15 HPX v,so I'll try something else.  For those who have one of these great little boats has anyone put a troller on the bow?  I ask because I have a troller in the stern which isn't optimal.  I fish solo most of the time and at my advanced age don't want to try to fishing and poll from the platform.  I tried it and not satisfactory LOL.  Bow is very restricted space wise so it may not be practical. Thanks for the info.

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Thanks for the response Nck, 

I am wondering if the bow deck has any backing plates?  I also have the issue of launching the boat solo and don't have rollers , I have regular  bunks  and need to release boat and climb on the foredeck and start the motor and back off the trailer.  Works fine,but I'm not sure of getting over the troller.  I'm not 40yrs old any more LOL. I would love to get the motor on the bow, control is so much better.  My 20ft LT has a bow  mounted rig which is great but I have that boat at a marina,so no launching issues.

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There was an aluminum plate mounted on my bow to begin with so I just mounted on top of that, the front deck is actually about 3” thick, so I’m not too sure a plate is actually needed. But I will leave it on for the time being. It’s a very light boat so it is easy to push off the trailer bunks once backed to the wheel wells. I just climb on top when I launch solo, start the motor and tie off to dock then walk back up and park my truck. Obviously being older makes things harder, if you can’t do that there are a bunch of YouTube videos that show different techniques where guys back the boat in the water until it drifts off with a long rope attached to trailer. If there’s any questions you have I’ll answer what I can! 904-894-1869 

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