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new to me - photos


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Hope its ok to share - new to me 1900V.   She's cleaning up quite well.  Forward hatches are off and over at SeaDek to be covered with thick, new 'soft', instead of cushions.  This morning splashed for the first time.  Yes, its a 2002 so when I filled the bait well and stood in the rear, the dreaded 'wet foot'.  (the clamshell outlets are right about the water line, same as my old Lappy after I repowered).  Jumped onto plane. A little porpoising, but tabs controlled that.  4K a very comfortable 30Kts with two people, full fuel.  5200 she ran 39Kts and WOT at 5800 topped at 40Kts, so that's plenty of speed for me. TM worked as it should, PP worked as it should. Lights work. Baitwell works (new switch, new ground).  There 'stereo' is mono, ha ha, only one speaker works, but that's no big deal to me.  Garmin worked, down view only.  Running over a few small boat wakes (it's flat on the river today) have to get used to the little bumping of a mono again (coming from last boat a catamaran).  Excited as heck!    Still stuff to do, but coming along really nice and (once the hatches back on) ready to put some blood on the decks!





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On 9/19/2020 at 8:33 PM, frogfoot said:


What prop are you running on the Mercury?  I have a 2200v -loaded 2 anglers ,ice /livewell I’m topping at 46 mph. On a light load 48. I have a Mercury Enertia 17p.  With a 150 i think you should be breaking 50 mph.  

Nice ride by the way!

Mercury Mirage, 3 blade, SS  17P.      40kts is 46mph.  Maybe I could find 4mph trimming a bit.. really not an issue for me.  I tend to run most engines around 4K rpm and getting 30Kts works just fine.  

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I tried a few props and finally settled on the Enertia.  I could have tried a few more but, I’m happy with my setup. 

And I typically run 4K-4200k as well. 

Are you using the Mercury VesselView Bluetooth/mobile app?

I definitely like the SeaDek 👍

Did you retrofit the console rod holders with the stainless steel kind?  Mine has the plastic holders.  

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Frog:  no vessel view, older analog gauges.  I did not retrofit, appears to have come from factory with SS in the console.  Not sure if poling platform was stock or after market (its Birdsall)

SC: I just took the hatches over to Castaway, easier for me.  I went with the 20MM material, new 'soft', on the theory that maybe wife would sit there one day.. Can't see any use for cushions.  Most helm pads are 13MM.. I felt the material and decided to go thicker.  We will see.  My lappy was 100% covered in SeaDek.  On this boat probably only the forward hatches, cooler seat and a helm pad.  Maybe cushion or maybe Dek as a backrest (on console front).  Haven't decided about the forward raised deck.. it has non skid, but if it gets slippery I'll cover.  When they get done I'll post photo.  

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