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Extend Bobs Jackplate Hydraulic Hose


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Anybody know what type of fittings are used on Bobs Machine Jackplate hydraulic hoses. I want to relocate my Jackplate pump from underneath the inner hull to the stern bulkhead where the two cycle oil tank was formerly located. The existing hoses come up from the inner hull thru thru-hull grommets . Looks like the easiest way is to extend the existing cables And leave the older hoses as is. I saw two foot extensions cables on Bobs Machine sho website but need two fittings.
Can anyone help or have a better idea.
Thanks in Advance


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  Do as NCTribute suggested, Bob's has pretty good customer service. Or what I did, I bought the bulkhead fittings from Bob's and then went to a local hydraulic fitting/hose supplier and had some nice stainless hoses made. 

  The reason for my thinking is that I have seen people fighting fish and had the hooks pull and go into a hydraulic hose, happened to be a steering hose, the stainless braiding protects the exposed hose from not only sharp objects but also UV. It may never happen in your lifetime, but if it does, you will have wished for stainless lines.

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