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Gas Smell


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Well... yesterday, after working the flats in the IR Lagoon, I had difficulty getting the 2004 Yamaha F115 started. Don't know why this happened, but after some time, it cranked right back up. No problems the rest of the day.

Got home and the next nmorning the wife mentioned a strong gas smell in the garage. I couldn't find anthing obvious. Motor had 600 HR check two months ago... no fuel issues (BUT $900 later, had my internal zincs replaced)

Any thoughts from you Yamaha motor heads out there?

I'd take to my mechanic, but there is a giant ***ing sound from my wallet even when I just drive by his shop.

Thanks guys..


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You have 11 year old fuel lines...great to see you back on forum...

Couple of things..

1.) Do you see any gas in the bilge? That would be my first check..if not, go to 2.

2.) Check all your connections on the tank -

1.) overflow

2.) filling line

3.) look on top of the tank and see if the gasket is in place or leaking

Next, if all that sound good..check your fuel bulb....how old is this?

this can affect your start - if you have not changed it in the last 2 years..I'd change it out due to E-10 eating through the plastic. My yammie dog guys at Boat Center said they are seeing this on a regular basis.

How strong was the smell?

be sure to vent everything well before poking around and disconnect battery ground if you start making any repairs.


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