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Element Fire Extinguisher


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  Saw this on TV the other day and checked it out on line. It is very small compared to a typical fire extinguisher and puts out all fires the standard extinguisher does. They say it can be used anywhere including boats. Have not seen if it is Coast Guard certified, but I assume since it is a fire extinguisher and that is what is required? Check it out, pretty neat and compact a little pricey however.


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Not sure what the outside casing is made of. It would have to withstand years of marine environment. Speaking of flares. A few years back, mine expired and I replaced them. Then I tried to ignite one of the old flares just for fun. It would not light, so I tried the other three or four and none would light. They were still in the original package, but apparently they absorbed moisture which rendered them useless. Now, I vacuum seal all my flares in the original package. 

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