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Chances of adding aux fuel tank 2500


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Ive seen several people on other posts chime in saying that a bladder tank is the way to go. All the ones I see have measurements that won't fit anywhere on the deck of the 2500. Wish I had better info for you but I've looked at this a lot. So far I keep carrying 5 gallon cans. Certainly the one thing MBG has been slacking on is fuel capacity on several of their models. Max HP is also an issue for me. 

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I have  alway wondered why you don't  see aftermarket upgrades in the boating world.

you can buy a brand new truck that was modified by aftermarket manufacturer. 

why not have same for boats. aftermarket buys hull and deck then puts them together with your specs.

easy money made to produce hull and deck  for manufacturers and all work with small profit for the aftermarket. 

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