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1985 Hewes Bonefisher II


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Figured I'd start a thread on here to document my 85 Hewes Bonefisher II 18'. I got this boat in Nov 2019 from Coral Gables Florida. Drove it back here to NC. Supposedly, I am the third owner. The 2nd owner, from whom I bought the boat, had the boat from 1999-2019. He told me a few things that I thought were interesting (and really have no way to validate, so who knows!).

  • The first owner had the original cap cut off the boat and put on a new, custom cap. Based on what I've seen from other Bonefishers, that seems to be the case. The cap flairs out well best the side of the hull and it makes this thing CRAZY dry. We were jumping 2-3' swells a few weekends ago heading into 25mph winds and barely got any spray.
  • Has a wicked cool minimalist side console on it. I absolutely love the side console. I only wish it was a boxed setup with the throttle mounted on it instead of out on the gunwale, but it is amazing.
  • The casting platform on the front is glassed into the top! They've got wiring running through it for the trolling motor plug and a light. Made for an interesting consideration as part of mounting the new trolling motor.

The second owner did several things, including:

  • Had the transom replaced in 2005 and added a 1999 Yamaha 130 2 stroke
  • Painted the boat Concept Paint Medium Blue, top to bottom

Pretty sure he added the trim tabs and hydraulic steering at the same time. I got a great deal on the boat and trailer, and he included lots of extras including a 22' push pole. So far, I've done a few things with the goal of obviously making it a great fishing boat but also reliable.

  • Redid some of the wiring specifically for the bilge pump and float switch
  • Replaced the bilge and float switch
  • Added a Motorguide Xi5 GPS Saltwater, 60" shaft, 24V 80# thrust unit (this thing is amazing!)
  • Odyssey PC1200s for the TM, and a custom battery tray for it

This thing is fishing really well right now. I've got to get a new trailer for it. The 1985 Seminole is really on its last leg. I've got two boys, almost 6 and almost 2, so I figure this boat gets the family by for 3-5 more years. I may never get rid of it and just try to get a nice 2500 Hybrid in 3-4 years for going out deeper and running further in the ICW when I want. I've also heavily considered waiting a couple of years and then taking this thing down to The Skiff Shop to cut the cap off and do a full restoration and repower. I've just got to be sure I can get comfortable sinking $30,000 into a 35 year old boat!


And now, pictures.









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I can dig it. Do whatever you want man. I did a full restore on my 1994 16ft bonefisher and never looked back. I'm currently waiting for the new outboard to come in. Sure I "sunk" a lot...I mean ALOT of money into a older boat but first off, it's a lappy. I appreciate it's heritage It's a classic beautiful hull plus for me I loved the build in itself. I could buy a new one but for the price difference nothing out there new will outperform my boat and be worth the expense. A new hewes is almost 70 thousand dollars WAY more than what I have in mine. Mine still runs as fas as the chop will let me holds a cooler full of cold beer.....in all seriousness though I can't believe with today's modern tech that they really haven't improved that much compared to the old lapstrake hulls. I mean sure 1 or 2 inches draft but at what cost. My clumsy self would scare the fish before then anyway....dang I can't wait till the new motor comes in

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